Our Game: A History Of Umbro

Umbro is celebrated its 95th anniversary this year with a look back at the brand’s history – from humble beginnings to a true innovator of replica kit and sportswear.

Our story began in the early 1920s. Brothers Harold and Wallace founded a fashion company just outside of Manchester and called it Humphreys Brothers. In the early days, they used a cupboard in their mother’s pub, The Bull’s Head in Mobberley, as their base and storage. The pub is still going strong today – and so is their company.

In 1924 Humphreys Brothers became Umbro – the unpretentious logo from the early days soon evolved into the double diamond, which today is still globally recognised as democratic, accessible and real football. With a new name and brand identity, Umbro capitalised on the world’s growing love for sports and particularly Football, by making the move from fashion to sportswear.

To keep up with the demands of the sportswear market, Umbro moved into their first 18 square meter warehouse just outside of Manchester and it’s here, 95 years later, that we are still proudly based.

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